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Parashah and Politics: How Torah Changed the WorldComing October 11, 2023—Available Through!

The Five Books of Moses are full of insights not only about faith and ritual, but also about politics and human nature. Beginning with the next Torah reading cycle, every Thursday morning, Rabbi Soloveichik will release a podcast and essay probing the political wisdom behind the weekly Torah reading.

Faith and FilmLaunches Fall 2023

Episode 1: Groundhog Day coming to on October 5!

People of faith often lament how contemporary media misrepresent traditional religion. But there are many films that, when viewed through a Jewish lens, contain important lessons about religious faith. In this 8-part video course, Rabbi Soloveichik will explore some of his favorite movies—from The Ten Commandments to Chariots of Fire to Jiro Dreams of Sushi—probing them for the Jewish wisdom they have to offer.

The Rabbi's BookshelfLaunches Fall 2023

Episode 1: Strangers and Neighbors coming to October 24!

In this video series, Rabbi Soloveichik will lead a special bi-monthly book club for subscribers. We'll read David McCullough's Truman, C.S. Lewis's Screwtape Letters, Menachem Begin's The Revolt, Maria Johnson's Strangers and Neighbors, and more.

Journey Through the Siddur

Winter 2024

In this 18-episode podcast series, Rabbi Soloveichik will explore key sections of Jewish liturgy. Armed with this podcast, you'll be able to understand the architecture of Jewish prayer and the ideas that structure our holiest moments.

Why Do Jews Do That?

Summer 2024
Why do Jews blow a special horn to mark the new year? Why do they bind leather boxes to their head and arm during prayer? Why do they care so much about what they eat? This new 18-episode podcast series will look at some of the more outwardly peculiar rituals of Jewish life, explaining why these particular rituals discipline the spiritual power of Jewish life.

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Online Courses

Enjoy unlimited access to Rabbi Soloveichik’s growing library of subscriber-exclusive online courses including Jews and the Civil War, The Case for God, Sacred Time: The Jewish Holidays, and Jewish Ideas and the American Founders.

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Gain insight into Judaism, politics, Israel, and history with real-time access to Rabbi Soloveichik's ongoing stream of essays, articles, speeches, and e-books—including his monthly column in Commentary magazine

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