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In this new daily podcast, one of America’s most dynamic rabbis will guide you through the fascinating and dramatic tale of the most important city in world history.
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What are some of the events we will cover, and who are some of the people we will meet in Jerusalem 365?

Jerusalem 365 will cover the entire breadth of Jewish history, all through the lens of the Jewish people’s love of their holiest city.

We will dream David’s dreams as he first conquered Jerusalem, and we will see what Solomon saw as the Temple came into being. We will stand with the Maccabees atop the purified Temple Mount, and experience what Maimonides felt as he visited the Holy Land. We'll meet Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, who rebuilt the city's walls, and march with Napolean Bonaparte as he invaded Ottoman Palestine. We will join Theodor Herzl and William Seward on their journeys to Jerusalem, and we will stand in awe as a reconstituted Jewish army reunited the Jewish people's eternal capital.

Meet Rabbi Meir Soloveichik—Your Tour Guide Through Judaism’s Holiest City

  • Host of the popular Bible 365 Podcast, a daily study of the Hebrew Bible
  • Rabbi of Congregation Shearith Israel—the oldest Jewish congregation in the United States
  • Founder of the Straus Center for Torah and Western Thought at Yeshiva University
  • Leading religious liberty advocate and prominent voice in Jewish-Christian dialogue
  • Prolific writer about the Jewish and Zionist ideas in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Commentary, First Things, Mosaic, and other important publications

What's It Like to Learn with Rabbi Soloveichik?

“Rabbi Soloveichik skillfully weaves together Torah, history, literature, and the world at large. His delivery and content are extraordinary.” 

- Naomi L.

“Informative, cogent, and entertaining. Rabbi Soloveichik is a pleasure to listen to.”

- Robert O.

“Rabbi Soloveichik’s teachings are so deep, so profound, so relevant to life in the modern world...I am enriched by every lecture.”

- John G.

“Rabbi Soloveichik has a unique way of presenting topics I have learned about before, but never saw in this way. The way he presents the Jewish people’s mission...is so meaningful and inspiring. He reinforces my pride in being Jewish.”

- Judith G.

“I am a Christian with a renewed love of God’s chosen people...Rabbi Soloveichik is an engaging teacher. His lessons send me back to the Bible and propel me forward to share what I’ve learned with others.”
- Wanda H.

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